JERSEY SHORE PHOTOCAP: Sammi Gets A Message From Alcoholics Anonymous

Idiocy ran rampant on last night’s Jersey Shore, but then again, what else is new? (And no, “idiocy” is not a code word for “herpes”). We once again were privy to the trials and tribulations of Ronnie and Sammi (or RAMMI) as they continued to fight and make up and fight and make up. They’re […]

JERSEY SHORE PHOTOCAP: Smoosh Smoosh in the Bush

I’m proud to report that so far, Jersey Shore seems to be surviving its second season surprisingly well. The fame that we thought would totally ruin the magic of the first go-around hasn’t actually spoiled things too much; although, the guys seem a bit more self-aware when it comes to conjuring up amusing acronyms. Nothing […]

It’s The New ‘Jersey Shore’ Trailer!

Grab some bronzer: the official trailer for season two of Jersey Shore is here, and it looks like the kids have brought all their STDs down to Miami Beach for another successful round of drama. It’s hard to tell if the show can survive the media onslaught that these once naïve kids endured over the […]

Check Out The First Thirteen Minutes of ‘Jersey Shore’

Grab the antibacterial lotion! It’s almost time for Jersey Shore to make its triumphant return. Chances are the second season will be nowhere as good as the first (assuming, of course, you thought the first was good), but nevertheless, it will surely still make for interesting TV. On the heels of last night’s MTV Movie […]

YEA OR NEIGH: Do We Want DJ Pauly D To Shill Our Ice Cream?

As I was pulling media for my photocap of The City, I noticed — or rather, my peaceful state was loudly interrupted by — this ad for Baskin Robbins starring Jersey Shore mook, DJ Pauly D. I couldn’t help but think this was not a smart decision. After all, as likable as Pauly D is, […]