Is That An Eel In Your Penis Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?

I believe the headline of the following link says it all, but in case you’re to lazy to glance downwards, let me explain. A man in China went to a spa where he submerged himself in a pool and let freshwater eels graze off his dead skin. The treatment is not unlike the fish pedicures […]

VIDEO: Streaker on the Weather Channel!

There have been many shocking images to emerge from the aftermath of Hurricane Irene, but perhaps none quite as eye-opening as the sight of a naked frat guy streaking the Weather Channel. Truth be told, the fleeting nudity is only part of the fun of the above clip. Be sure to watch it now before […]

Brett Favre’s Little Problem

I know there’s money in NFL betting, but I’m starting to think gambling on the next celebrity cell phone scandal is where the future is. Brett Favre is the latest yutz to wind up in a dumb yet hilarious scandal involving voicemails (allegedly), and while his messages aren’t nearly as horrifying as Mel Gibson’s nor […]

Does This Banana Republic Model Have A Blatant Erection?

My old friend jash noticed something peculiar on the Banana Republic website today. Turns out one of the male models has a full-on boner, and since this blog is nothing if not mature, I’m here to post about it and snicker. Of course, the image could simply be the product of unfortunate creasing; however, somewhere […]