QUICK HIT: If ‘Gossip Girl’ Goes There, I May Have To Quit It


The last new Gossip Girl episode alluded to something so dark… so awful… that I just can’t bring myself to spell it out. Now rumors are intensifying that the writers are about to indeed “go there” between two characters. I don’t want it to happen. If it does… I don’t know how I can continue to watch the show in good faith (I mean, I’ll watch, but I won’t like it).

Details here.

Ed Westwick Finally Lands a Movie Role

After posting about Leighton Meester’s dumb new movie The Roommate yesterday, I got to thinking about the state of the Gossip GIrl actors. The show will certainly not go on forever — surely its expensive budget, increasingly weak writing, and dwindling ratings bode poorly for it; so it’s only natural that we look forward to see how the cast will fare post-cancellation (whenever that may be). Curiously enough, it seems as though the most annoying actors on the show seem to have the best film prospects (save for Taylor Momson, who has done a fine job of sinking her own career, thanks to some horrific raccoon makeup). Nevertheless, it seems as though Blake Lively and Penn Badgley have racked up the most high profile movies in their tenure on Gossip Girl, which makes little sense because let’s face it: Chuck & Blair > Dan & Serena. Continue reading

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