You guys, Big Brother 16 is so good. It’s only been a week and change, but we already have an evil alliance (The Bomb Squad) with a douchey leader (Devin) and perhaps mentally unstable sidekick (Caleb). Or is it the other way around? Either way, all seasons with great villains usually lead to wonderful drama, and what’s even better for us is that we have an unlikely trio of heroes in our midst too. That would be Christine, Nicole, and Hayden — three goofballs who joined forces with so much nervous laughter that I couldn’t help chuckling along on my couch. These are my people.

Heroes? Villains? What more can we ask for? I guess some drama. But guess what? We have that too!

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BRAVO PHOTOCAP: The Best of this week’s RHONJ, RHOM, I Dream Of Nene, and New Atlanta


I had a little free time today; so I though why not write up a photocap. And since I haven’t don’t a Bravo photocap in EONS, I decided to tackle four different shows in one post. Crazy! After the jump, check out pics from Real Housewives of Miami, Real Housewives of New Jersey, I Dream of Nene, and The New Atlanta. Enjoy!

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BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: The Last BB Photocap of the Year (Sniff Sniff)


Well, another season of Big Brother is in the can. There was plenty of controversy to be had, but overall, I’d say this was the strongest showing in several years. We had great enemies in Amanda and Aaryn, decent heroes in Elissa and Howard, and plenty of stupid arguments involving wine, mattresses, and bathing suits. Honestly, who could want anything more?

After the jump, check out the last Big Brother photocap of the season. SADDDDD!!

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BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: They’re Gonna Take You By Surprise and Make You Realize, Amanda.


First off, huge apologies. I have been busy with work and traveling and all sorts of nonsense over the past week and have barely been able to post about Big Brother, which is a shame because the season has come BACK to life. Ever since Helen’s ouster, things in the house have been perfectly crazy. We saw Elissa come into power, Amanda lose her grip, and Aaryn head out the door. New alliances formed, Andy finally came to his sense, and the McCranda rule fully dissolved. It’s been wonderful and all culminated with Sunday’s show, which was primarily dedicated to Amanda’s blindside nomination at the hands of GinaMarie.

For the first time that I can remember, the producers didn’t even bother creating any misdireciton over possible nominees. We learned pretty much right off the bat that Amanda and McCray were going up on the block, and yet even with that predictable outcome, this proved to be one of the most suspenseful episodes of the season. Why? Because we all knew that Amanda’s reaction would be PRICELESS. And it was. Sure enough, the spoiled lady brat cried her way through the ceremony after receiving the blindside of the season (even more so than Judd’s initial ouster).

Yes, Amanda thought she was not only safe but that she was also running the house. That’s why she spent a majority of her time bullying Elissa around (and then subsequently declaring that it was she who had been bullied). Amanda also made sure to kiss plenty of HOH GinaMarie’s ass, which was amusing for a) her transparency, and b) her lack of irony later when she bashed Elissa for doing the same thing. Ah, but God bless Elissa. The last time we saw someone so blissfully foil a bully was Jen Johnson on season 8, who stymied Evil Dick with her oddly unflappable demeanor (until, of course, she snapped). Elissa has mastered the art of the bully defense — something that school kids around the world should learn: she just laughs. And laughs. And laughs. And sometimes snorts out water. Everytime Amanda says something outrageous, Elissa just turns away and smiles. This is how you treat a bully, people.

Don’t get me wrong, Elissa is not innocent. She knows how to hurl a passive aggressive barb. But they’re all so richly deserved that we give her a pass. Can’t wait to see how this week shakes out… On to the photocap! Continue reading

BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Andy Proceeds Gingerly


So much has happened in the Big Brother house, and yet… nothing has happened at all. The people in power remain in power, the targets remain the targets, and as far as I can tell, despite the chaos of a double eviction and backdoor blindside (bye Judd!), we’ve still got a double barrel aimed at Jessie and Spencer and not Amanda and McCrae, where it belongs (metaphorically speaking, of course). Helen did try to sway new HOH Andy to nominate the loathsome duo, but little did she realize that he’s oddly loyal to them, and therefore he nominated JesSpencer (see what I did there?) for eviciton for the umpteenth time. This made me livid, but at the same time, Helen had her chance last week to oust Amanda, and she was entirely too cautious about it. Make your moves when you can, woman!

My only fear is that Andy will now tell McCranda about Helen’s intentions, and soon their wrath will be upon her. I won’t have it! Yes, Helen is aggressively phony (her whole spiel to Aaryn about being the next Janelle nearly made me puke — actually, it did. I got a stomach flu later that night and spent hours over my toilet spewing all sorts of unpleasant things). But nevertheless, Helen’s got a brain, and that’s more than I can say about most of the people in this house.

Anyway, on to the photocap…

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BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Amanda Goes To The Dark Side


Wow. What an episode. I’m loving season fifteen of Big Brother, even if its contestants tend to be heinous specimens of humanity. I could go on at length about last night’s excellent episode, but why bother when my friend Louis Virtel has so expertly spelled it all out at The Backlot. Read his coverage for the analysis, and when you’re done, come back here for the photocap, which is located conveniently after the jump!

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BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Is Amanda The Stalin to Aaryn’s Hitler?


Hey, remember those days on Big Brother when we hated Aaryn but liked Amanda, mainly because Amanda stepped up to Aaryn and called her out for being a racist? Seems like forever ago because nowadays, we’re hating Amanda just as much as Aaryn. It kind of got me thinking: is Amanda the Stalin to Aaryn’s Hitler? Think about it. Back in the thick of World War II, everyone hated Hitler (obvi) to the point where it made other assholes look like cool dudes. Stalin was our friend. But then as Hitler lost power, we came to realize that Stalin was an utter tyrant and killer and evil dude, and the only reason we liked him in the first place was because the enemy of our enemy is our friend. Well, I’m starting to think that Amanda may be following a rather Stalin-esque arc of public perception. All this time that we thought she was so funny and outspoken, but the truth is that she’s ready to send everyone to the Big Brother gulag. And if I were McCrae, I’d sleep with one eye open. We all remember what happened to Trotsky…

Anyway, with Howard out of the house, Amanda had to set her sights on a new enemy, and this time it was Jessie, who complained about being excluded from a backyard BBQ that Helen had won during the HOH competition. Granted, Jessie was whining like a spoiled brat, but I still found myself rooting for her when she eventually locked horns with Amanda, who had no tolerance for Jessie’s gripes. Ultimately I was pretty impressed with Jessie during the argument whereas Amanda’s growing cockiness and self-righteousness is continuing to grate me. I guess I have a thing for bullies who act like they’re the ones being bullied, and that’s pretty much what Amanda did. Not cool. Classic Stalin.

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BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Aaryn Refuses To Be Blackballed


There once was a time when Aaryn was the most hated woman in the Big Brother house, but now it seems the heat is on Howard and Spencer, who continue to pay for having lied to Helen and Elissa two weeks ago. Yes, the legacy of the Moving Company lives on, and it would appear as though the house won’t be happy until this ill-fated men’s alliance is completely eradicated from the face of Big Brother. It makes sense to some degree, but what these people don’t seem to realize is that the Moving Company is so beyond dead and useless that targeting its last members really is just a waste of time and energy. The real power players are Amanda and McCrae (a.k.a. just Amanda), but alas, Aaryn ultimately nominated Howard and Spencer. Nevertheless, the real intrigue came in watching Helen’s allegiance to Elissa crumble. Turns out Elissa is can’t keep a secret to herself (see Episode 1 through present), and Helen has realized that’s bad for her game. No shit sherlock. Can’t wait to see how these people all turn against each other.

In the meantime, here’s the photocap…

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BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: Aaryn Learns To Always Bet On Black


I’m back after an ever-so-brief midweek hiatus. Big Brother continues to deliver the goods, with this week’s drama centering around a one-piece bathing suit and a not-so-secret Moving Company 2.0 alliance. Let’s talk about the latter. Spencer and Howard had the right idea to join forces with the outsiders in the household (ie. GinaMarie and Kaitlin). Why they thought Judd should be in that alliance, however, is beyond me. Sure enough, their dumb strategery led to their downfall as Judd happily blabbed about the new group to Helen et al. And that’s where things became really interesting.

Helen immediately shared this new information with Elissa and Amanda, insisting that the girls don’t say ANYTHING to ANYONE. Of course, when was the last time anyone ever followed that advice in the Big Brother house? Elissa, who can’t even keep her mouth shut about being MVP, immediately spilled the beans to Kaitlin, but this was no accident. She clearly wanted to give Kaitlin the edge so that Elissa’s arch-rival Aaryn would be more likely to go home. It’s this sort of selfish behavior and scheming that makes Big Brother amazing. And the carping at one-pieces is pretty fun too.

Photocap after the jump…

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BIG BROTHER PHOTOCAP: The One Where They All Do Nasty Things To Yogurt Machines


As expected, Judd’s reign as Head of Household on Big Brother has started off on a rather dull note. There weren’t any major fights beyond a silly dustup between Aaryn and the lexically challenged GinaMarie, and the only real tension came from whether or not Amanda could go thirty seconds without absolutely insisting that Howard be sent packing. I fear the breasty realtor has tunnel vision with Howard, and her inability to stop obsessing over him could be a problem later on. She’s being too aggressive, and that can only lead to one thing: a mid-season flameout.

Meanwhile, Howard has proven to be so likable and sweet that it’s frustrating to see him on the receiving end of Amanda’s ire. To be fair, he did dig that hole himself with his adorably misguided (ie. stupid) strategizing, but that’s okay. He and Candice are one of the few showmances on Big Brother that I’ve actually been able to stomach; so that earns a lot of points in my book (for now).

In other news, we learned that GinaMarie has no idea how to say the two-syllable word “auburn,” which is only half as embarrassing as her new neologism, compromization. Also, we discovered that Spencer eats froyo like a cat, which would be endearing if we didn’t already know how much of a raging misogynist and homophobe he is. Oh well.

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