Portlandia Takes Us ‘Around the World In 80 Plates’

Here’s another hilarious skit from Portlandia, which is currently airing its second season on IFC. If you’ve never seen the show, check this out (and then set your DVRs).

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Take A Trip To Portlandia

Anyone who’s been to Portland knows it’s a city with just a few ridiculous, hippie tendencies. Well, Fred Armisen and Carrie Brownstein have paired up to lampoon the city in their new IFC show, Portlandia. The series premiered a few weeks ago, but I only just got around to checking out some of the skits (at my friend Meeshie’s urging). Some are funnier than others, and when they’re funny, they tend to be really funny… and sadly not very far from the truth. Above, a skit called “Is It Local?” and after the jump, another bit called “Feminist Bookstore,” featuring some very amusing physical comedy by Armisen.

Definitely worth checking out.

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