Ep. 18: Banter with Ben and Lisa

We’re baaaaack. After a nearly two month hiatus, Lisa Timmons joined me on Friday for yet another episode of Banter with Ben and Lisa. On this podcast, we talk about Prince, Community, a fight on the subway, and some behind-the-scenes gossip from the long deceased sitcom, Three Sisters (on which I was a PA). I know you all have been waiting to hear the dish on Dyan Cannon; so consider today your lucky day!

(oh and for some reason, my recording settings were off; so there’s some distortion)


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The Most Amazing Piece of Retro YouTube Junk You’ll See Today

If you’re looking to kill about nine minutes, check out this long lost footage from the 1984 American Music Awards. Back then, the award show sensitively featured categories like “Favorite Black Single” and “Favorite Black Album.” Things have changed a touch since then. Some things, however, are very much the same. Take, for example, Prince, who is a near parody of himself as he accepts his awards.

Ultimately though, while it’s campy fun to revisit this award show from twenty-six years ago (!), I’m really left with only one over-arching thought: damn, 1984 had some good music.

Bonus points for whoever thought to pair Madonna and Huey Lewis.

Via Miu von Furstenberg