MORNING WHATNOT: Lady Gaga Sings for Howard Stern; Also, A Hero Chihuahua, New Rebecca Black, and One Curious Nipple

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Rebecca Black Explains ‘Friday’

Rebecca Black finally breaks down the true meaning behind “Friday,” revealing that the song is actually more a metaphor for the current state of America than anything else. She takes us through nearly every lyric — from the “gotta have my bowl” to “which seat do I take?” However, she does not touch on the famous explanation of Friday’s context amongst the days of the week, and for that, I must fault her. Otherwise, good job.

Stephen Colbert, Jimmy Fallon, Taylor Hicks and The Roots Perform Tribute To Rebecca Black


Some internet memes are so white hot they flame out after just a few days (ie. Charlie Sheen, “winning, duh”). Rebecca Black, however, is the gift that keeps on giving. The tween’s infectious yet banal single “Friday” has become a pop culture fixture over the past three weeks, having been covered and parodied by umpteen comedians, unknowns, and everyone in between. By far the best take on the tune came at the end of last week when Stephen Colbert spearheaded a triumphant performance on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Check out the video above and enjoy the surprisingly awesome arrangement by The Roots.

Rebecca Black Tells All!


This FRIDAY FRIDAY viral video star Rebecca Black appeared on Good Morning America, which has built a strong track record of nabbing interviews with YouTube celebrities. The young singer responds to critics who have called her song of the worst of all time and proves that she actually isn’t that bad of a singer.

The best part? Hearing straight-laced reporter Andrea Canning recite online comments such as “I hate her voice. It’s going to be stuck in my head for life. Friday Friday Friday OMG.”

Fun Fun Fun Fun!!!!

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