BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA: Episode 22 – Talking About Mariah, Redickulous, and Brownies

Lisa and I are back with another podcast! We recorded this one on Friday while eating ice cream, and admittedly, we’re a little hyper after having stuffed ourselves with Indian food just prior. Normally that would be cause to enter food coma, but we just became more bonkers.

The two of us actually recorded two episodes back to back, but the first one’s audio file became corrupted (morally, Faye Resnick style) and so it had to be trashed. Therefore, when you listen to this episode and hear us mention how we previously talked about Indian food and Mariah Carey on the previous podcast, just know that these are references to a sadly expunged recording.



Not a lot happened on the latest episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta. Kim complained about being pregnant again. Cynthia’s husband and her sister bickered. And Sherayay and Phaedra hilariously made a contractor sweat. That was pretty much it. Oh, and Kandi held a birthday party that featured a stripper fellating himself.

Yes, the real buzzworthy moment of the episode was the appearance of Redickulous, a humble gent who emerged from a giant gift-wrapped box and proceeded to whip around his sizable manhood in all directions. Some of the women squealed with delight, and some, like Nene, clutched their pearls and expressed shock and dismay (we all know that secretly they were foaming at the mouth). One woman who was not pleased by presence of Sir Redickulous was Joyce, Kandi’s lovable mother. She began screaming at Kandi, and while I thought Joyce’s reaction was a bit over the top, she did have a point. This wasn’t some bawdy bachelorette party. It was a generally classy affair (as classy as these events can be), and it truly wasn’t the place for a stripper. But… as long as he was there, why now enjoy it, Joyce? There was clearly more than enough of him to go around.

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