BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA #49: Famous Siblings We Love; Also, American Idol, Tiger Woods, and A Shout-Out To SoundCloud!

New Banter with Ben and Lisa is up, and this episode is really funny, if I do say so myself. Here’s the official description:

This week on “Banter with Ben and Lisa,” Ben Mandelker ( and Lisa Timmons ( embrace Siblings Day by discussing the famous siblings they like most. From Kim Richards to Bambi Swayze, we definitely cover a lot of ground. Then it’s on to this week’s “American Idol” which featured Mariah Carey’s most long-winded critiques yet. Finally, we tackle some of the dubious celebrity couples out there — Tiger Woods and Lindsey Vonn, Rihanna and Chris Brown, e.g.. Along the way, there’s talk of hamsters and a big shout-out to all our followers on SoundCloud. Come take a listen!

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BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA: Episode 32 – Hunger Games, Rihanna & Chris Brown, and Bunny Murder

This week Lisa and I really tackle the uplifting topics this week: bad dates, dead bunnies, acid maiming, and Michael Madsen. But all in the funniest way. We also get excited about the upcoming Hunger Games movie, talk Rihanna and Chris Brown, and chat about their favorite screen legend, Faye Dunaway. What’s not to love? Take a listen and find out how you can get involved in the next episode!

Also, there was a problem with the software when we recorded; so there’s some distortion with the audio. Sorry!

BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA: Episode 29 – Madonna, Spice Girls, and other Hairy Pop Culture Concerns

Hola everyone. This week on Banter with Ben and Lisa, we analyze Madonna’s new video for “Give Me Your Luvin'” in real time on the podcast and share our candid opinions on the Material Girl’s latest offering. Plus, we stroll down memory lane with the Spice Girls and talk about a variety of celebrities, including Rihanna, Lara Flynn Boyle, Willow Smith, Michael Cera, Celine Dion, and Star Jones.

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15 Hopeless Places Rihanna May Have Found Love In


Rihanna’s latest ubiquitous hit, “We Found Love,” boasts of finding love in a hopeless place. This has left listeners pondering many questions, chief among them: what sort of hopeless place was Rihanna talking about?

After the jump, a list of potential hopeless locales where Rihanna may have found love against the odds…

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MORNING WHATNOT: Lady Gaga Sings for Howard Stern; Also, A Hero Chihuahua, New Rebecca Black, and One Curious Nipple

Socialite Life: Lady Gaga Gets Racy With Howard Stern, Performs Amazing Version Of ‘Edge Of Glory’ [AUDIO]
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Vulture: Watch Rihanna Freak Out When a Fan Proposes to His Girlfriend
LA Now: Chihuahua thwarts robbery at Altadena smoke shop
D-Listed: Presenting NIPPLEFOOT!
Daily Dish: L.A. Times Test Kitchen tip: Butcher’s slip knot
Eater LA: Mark & Johnny Houston Take Over Crane’s Hwood Tavern

BREAKING VIDEO: Rihanna Stage Catches Fire in Dallas!

My friend Richard just posted this update FRESH from the Rihanna concert happening right now in Dallas. One of the pyrotechnics on stage went awry and caused a rig to catch fire. Luckily, after about three minutes of flames, someone had the bright idea to use a fire extinguisher to save the day, but not before Richard’s friend nearly had an amusing anxiety attack over evacuation strategies, ticket refunds, and fumes.

To see the fiery would-be disaster, click the video above.

AND WHATNOT: Beyoncé Out-Beyoncé’s Beyoncé; Also, Muppets!

Socialite Life: Zach Galifianakis Not A Fan Of January Jones, Would Hate To Do Nude Scene With Her
The Daily What: Are You Kidding Me With This of the Day
Movieline: Naturally, Hollywood Is Adapting The Little Mermaid Into a Sinister, Sensual Love Triangle
Vulture: Here’s the Rihanna-Britney Billboard Awards Kiss That ABC Wouldn’t Show You
D-Listed: It’s The Muppets Trailer!

Chris Brown May Have An Anger Problem


In case you haven’t heard, famously even-keeled Chris Brown trashed his dressing room at GMA this morning after host Robin Roberts asked him about that whole Rihanna “thing.” The singer clearly was not in any mood to discuss the assault on his then-girlfriend and told Roberts that it was all “in the past.” And what better way to show growth as a person than by violently acting out Jersey-Shore-Ronnie style? (Cut to his publicist preparing to commit suicide.)

After Chris finished breaking windows with chairs and whatnot (and let’s be honest — who DOESN’T do that after being grilled by the famously intimidating Robin Roberts), he then tweeted, “I’m so over people bringing this past s**t up!!! Yet we praise Charlie sheen and other celebs for there bulls**t.”

Believe it or not, the singer raises an interesting point. Why does Chris Brown get vilified while Charlie Sheen earns praise? Obviously the situations are different, but they’re also very similar. Is it a race issue? Is it a mental stability issue? If Chris Brown had beaten up a porn star instead of Rihanna, would we care? And does the fact that no one actually takes Charlie Sheen seriously make a difference (as opposed to Chris Brown, who actually does have considerable respect as a musician and dancer)?

Also, who would win in a fight: Chris Brown or the aforementioned Ronnie from Jersey Shore?

To read more about the story, check out the latest details here.

GRAMMYS PHOTOCAP: Edgy Performances, Safe Wins


In case you didn’t hear, The GRAMMYS aired last night, and it was pretty much the same thing as every year: tons of megawatt performances, about four awards, and lots of disappointment. Once again, the old fogies ruled the day, letting pleasant but forgettable tunes like “Need You Now” win out over edgier material over and over and over again. We shouldn’t be surprised — this happens every year — but when nominations are as bold as they were this time around, it gives you hope that maybe — just maybe — the voters might not all be hobbling around with walkers.

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Rihanna, As Interpreted By Classical Musicians

Once again, Rihanna has a ubiquitous dance single with “Only Girl (In The World),” and so it was only a matter of time before creative types on the Interwebs decided to do their own covers of it. This one, performed by a classical music group named Aston, is particularly noteworthy as it translates the frenetic synthesizers and beats of the hit song into something a bit more enigmatic. I’m not gonna lie: I dig it.

Found via Bark Bite Blog

And if you wish to compare it to the original, the official Rihanna video is after the jump…

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