AND WHATNOT: Black Swan Leads To Actual Meltdown; Also, J-Hud, Dianna Agron, and RuPaul

From Amy Phillips, a.k.a. fake Rachel Zoe. The Wrap: Man Shot Dead in Dispute Over Eating Popcorn Too Loudly During ‘Black Swan’ Newsweek: Jennifer Hudson: A Star Is Reborn NY Post: Rosie splits with lover Tracy OMG!: Dianna Agron Is “Terrified” of Her “Psycho” Ex Alex Pettyfer Vulture: clickables See the Guys from Community, Mad […]

Ep 15: Banter with Ben and Lisa

Guess what? It’s been only four days, but there’s another new episode of Banter with Ben and Lisa up! This time around, Lisa and I welcome my friend Jason J. Carter, who can currently be seen every week on RuPaul’s Drag Race on Logo. Jason, however, is not a drag queen. He instead is a […]