Big things happened on last night’s Survivor, which has continued its run of strong episodes. Tribal Council may not have been a doozy, but the showdown at Redemption Island Arena (which is less an arena and more of a dirt-patch) was rather epic. It featured a battle between good and evil — and I’ll let you decide which person stands for what. In one corner, we had sunny, yellow Matt — a dutiful Christian soldier who just wants to please his God. And in the other corner we had Russell Hantz, a dirty, porcine man whose only God is his ego. Would youth triumph over experience? Would pretty reign over ugly? Would the underdog beat the dirty dog?

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SURVIVOR PHOTOCAP: Running Out of Russell Seeds


Survivor: Redemption Island continues to be stellar. It’s amazing that a reality show in its twenty-second season can still be fresh and exciting, but I suppose that’s just testament to the format — as well as the talent on and off the screen. For the first two episodes of Redemption Island, much of the drama and entertainment stemmed from Phillip, the alleged former special agent with a penchant for outbursts and animal analogies (replete with sound effects). This week, the focus moved to Russell, who found himself yet again up against a seemingly impenetrable majority. Nothing new for piggy though. Would he be able to pull a fast one on his tribe yet again? Keep reading to find out. Continue reading

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The Best ‘Survivor’ Finale Ever?


I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that perhaps with the exception of the iconic first season of Survivor, last night’s finale may have been the best in the series’ ten year history. Not only did it feature the closest finale immunity challenge of all time, but the final three were so well matched, it was difficult to imagine who might go home with the cool million. The last time we had such a solid showdown, it was Cook Islands, which featured an epic choice between Yul (brains) and Ozzie (brawn). However, that trio also featured Becky, who was something of a nonentity. Unlike that season, Heroes vs. Villains gave us three finalists who each could have easily marched away with the cash (that is, until it became obvious that one was going to flame out miserably).

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SURVIVOR PHOTOCAP: It All Hangs In The Balance


Could I be more delinquent with my Survivor coverage this season? Probably not. Thanks to bad timing and some busy Fridays, I’ve totally neglected my photocapping duties for this series, which is a total injustice because Heroes vs. Villains has been incrrrrrrrredible. How could it be that a reality show in its twentieth season can still be so utterly fresh and exciting? Well, thanks to this all-star cast, the scheming has been through the roof, made even more complicated by the flood of hidden immunity idols that has deluged Samoa. In some ways, it does feel like the hidden immunity idols are a bit of a cheap ploy, but dammit if they don’t make things exciting. Last night’s Tribal Council was actually the final chance for Sandra to use her idol before it became void. The big question, however, was… would she?

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