To quote Snooki: WAAAH! Jersey Shore wrapped up its third season (or is it the second half of the second season?) on Thursday, and I can already feel a void in my life. A year ago, I would have said that sarcastically. Now I say it sincerely. I never thought I’d love this show as […]

30 Angry Sammi Sweetheart Faces

Anyone who watches Jersey Shore knows that when Sammi Sweetheart (née Giancola) is upset, she gets one hell of a sneer on her face. The effect is comical enough on its own, but it’s even more amusing when Sammi slaps on some clown makeup. Those eyebrows go up, that nose crinkles, and suddenly Sammi looks […]

Sammi and Ronnie Are Back Together, Pathetic

You’d think that after Ronnie destroyed Sammi’s belongings and stomped on her glasses, she’d get the hint that maybe the dude is a touch abusive. But the two Jersey Shore stars are back together once again, and even worse, Sammi continues to make excuses for Ronnie’s behavior. She tells Us Magazine “He’s a good person… […]