BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA #70: Kardashian Drama, Kanye vs. Kimmel, Gravity, and Sneaky Children

This week on “Banter with Ben and Lisa,” we once again go to the listeners for our topics of banter. First up we discuss a nine-year-old who snuck his way onto a Delta flight across the country. Then it’s on to other pressing matters such as the Kris and Bruce Jenner breakup, Lamar Odom’s drug problems, and the Kanye West feud with Jimmy Kimmel. Oh, and of course we talk about Miley Cyrus on SNL, and later, we discuss the #1 movie at the box office, “Gravity.” And fear not: there’s more etiquette to be had from 1888. Come listen!

VIDEO: ‘Who’s On Top?’ from SNL

Saturday Night Live returned to the air on Saturday with its 37th season premiere, and with Alec Baldwin serving as host, it was its strongest opener in years (comedy-wise). Almost every skit worked, and even the weakest of the lot provided many laughs. On the downside: Kenan Thompson is still on the show, and Lorne Michaels has yet to beef up the female side of the cast (Kristen Wiig can’t do all the heavy lifting; although, Vanessa Bayer does nice work too).

Nevertheless, perhaps the best skit of the night was this game show bit which dared to ask the question, “Who’s On Top?” Not only does Alec Baldwin deliver another great performance, but the writers manage to keep this from being just a one-joke gag. You might never look at Gerard Depardieu the same way…

No One Can Resist My Schweddy Balls (Ice Cream)


Talk about a delicious dish: Ben and Jerry’s has officially announced their newest flavor titled “Schweddy Balls,” a reference to one of the greatest Saturday Night Live skits of the ’90s. The ice cream will feature a vanilla base with a hint of rum as well as “fudge covered rum balls and milk chocolate malt balls.” So basically: it’s full of balls, appropriately enough.

No word on when Schweddy Balls will hit shelves (assuming it hasn’t already), but its launch will be nationwide. Limited batch only though. Grab your Balls while you can!

AolTV: Schweddy Balls Ice Cream: Yes, It’s Real!

Via Chris Harnick

See also: Schweddy Balls @

Also, if you’ve never seen the Schweddy Balls skit, do yourself a favor and watch the clip after the jump. Continue reading

Did Jason Sudeikis Knock Up January Jones?


Mad Men starlet January Jones revealed recently that she’s preggers and due in the fall, but who, pray tell, is the father? Well, she did just break up with Jason Sudeikis in January; so the timeframe suggests that perhaps the Saturday Night Live cast member is the baby daddy. Lending more credence to this theory is Sudeikis himself who stuttered and stumbled his way through his responses to nosy reporters wanting to know the scoop.

Of course, if Jason Sudeikis is not the father, then we are only left with three theories:

1) January Jones used artificial insemination (unlikely given that she’s still way too young and hot to resort to such techniques).

2) January Jones went on a post-Sudeikis slutty binge and got knocked up super fast.

3) January Jones had an illicit side-lovah all this time. YES, that must be it! And Jason Sudeikis dumped her when he found out about this other man (perhaps Bobby Flay, January Jones’s random knight in shining armor after she crashed into three cars last year).

So in conclusion, Jason Sudeikis is either the father, or January Jones is a PROSTITUTION WHORE.

More juicy details, including Jason Sudeikis’s not-so-smooth handling of the media, here:

Socialite Life: Jason Sudeikis Won’t Comment On January Jones Pregnancy

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Dude Lip Syncs Kristen Wiig, Is Funny

I don’t know what inspired this guy to lip sync along with one of my favorite Saturday Night Live sketches of the past few years (let alone do it half naked), but that’s okay because I love anything remotely concerning Kristen Wiig. I gotta say the video is actually pretty entertaining. Perhaps a Molly Shannon tribute is in the pipeline? “IIIIIIIIII’m FIFTY! FIFTY YEARS OLD.” Just spitballin’, as they say.

The Curse of Hoda?


Saturday Night Live announced its new cast members today (Vanessa Bayer, Paul Brittain, Taran Killam and Jay Pharoah), a new class which once again lacks any semblance of a black woman (guess they’ll be recruiting Maya Rudolph for Michelle Obama once again). Not returning for the thirty-sixth season will be Jenny Slate, whose most famous contribution to the show was uttering “fuck” live on the air. This marks the second year in a row that the actress playing Hoda Kotb in the Today Show parodies has been axed after only one season on SNL. The previous (and far superior) Hoda portrayer was Michaela Watkins, whose early termination still bothers me (when I ran into her at a Farmer’s Market in Los Angeles once, I told her as much, and she was very sympathetic and friendly to me. Then again, I think she just wanted to get past me to some squash).

Of course, Jenny Slate’s departure doesn’t irk me nearly as much as Michaela’s Watkins’, mostly because Slate never quite got her sea-legs on SNL (a.k.a she wasn’t that funny). Her exit does, however, raise some serious questions. Can anyone play Hoda without getting fired? And will anyone want to now that the role seems to be cursed? And if no one plays Hoda, how will we get the Hoda and Kathy Lee skits that we so desperately need? This is a serious matter.

Zap2It: ‘Saturday Night Live’ books Amy Poehler, Katy Perry for season premiere

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Betty White Shines on ‘Saturday Night Live.’ Also, Three Unaired Skits!


At long last, Betty White took center stage as the host of last night’s Saturday Night Live, and I think everyone was both delighted and relieved that her stint proved to be one of the best, if not the best, of the season. With so much hype around the Golden Girl’s appearance, it would have been a major disappointment had the episode turned out to be a bore.

Lorne Michaels wasn’t about to let that happen though. For this special installment, he recruited a gaggle of the show’s best comediennes from the past ten years to join White on stage: Tina Fey, Ana Gasteyer, Amy Poehler, Rachel Dratch, Maya Rudolph, and Molly Shannon (noticeably absent: Cheri Oteri). The infusion of energy from this extended cast elevated the material, especially as many of the former cast members resurrected some of their beloved characters and bits from their tenure. It all added up to an hour and a half of great TV, and for once, it seemed like we weren’t watching a sketch show but a party. Throw in the nonstop stream of Tweets and Facebook updates starting at 8:30 PM out here in California, and it felt like a party everyone was invited to (not to cheese out too much).

Of course, watching all those wonderfully talented actresses on stage, it truly underscored some of the deficiencies of the current cast. It’s hard to take lightweights like Abby Elliot, Jenny Slate, and Nasim Pedrad seriously when stacked next to the likes of Molly Shannon and Amy Poehler (to be fair, Pedrad shows the most potential of the group, but still, the only recent female recruit since Kristen Wiig to show breakout talent has been Michaela Watkins, and NBC axed her for no good reason — still angry). Nevertheless, I suppose what we can take away from the experience is that when there’s a host who truly inspires the writers and a talented cast who can bring the material to life, Saturday Night Live can still shine. And when there’s not, well, we’re stuck with Will Forte singing at the Weekend Update desk.

For now though, let’s continue to bask in last night’s show. It was so frequently interrupted by spates of applause that several skits were cut from the telecast. Fear not though. NBC has placed them online. After the jump, the return of Debbie Downer, “Bronx Beat,” and Helen Madden, licensed joyologist. (Sadly, no Mary Katherine Gallagher).

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