THINGS I ATE: Hot Dogs and More at Dog Haus


At a recent food event at the LA Times, I managed to sample (read: GORGE UNABASHEDLY) some offerings from local hot dog impresario Dog Haus, and needless to say, I was hooked. Imagine my delight when I was invited to a media-comped lunch at Dog Haus this past weekend. Normally, I wouldn’t trek all the way out to Pasadena for a hot dog — not even a super tasty one nestled comfortably in a warm Hawaiian roll — but as luck would have it, I was in the area to visit the Eat My Blog bake sale (which raised over $5,000 for Philippines — woohoo!). It was as if the hot dog stars had aligned.

After the jump, check out some pics of the hot dogs that my friend Jessica and I enjoyed in the Dog Haus biergarten…

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THINGS I ATE: Sausage and Beer at ‘Berlin Currywurst’


It’s October, and among the fall pleasures in Los Angeles is Oktoberfest, that German celebration of the harvest or beer or who knows what. The point is that I have Germany on the mind, which means this is a great opportunity to revisit a restaurant my friends and I dropped by over the summer: Berlin Currywurst.

Ardent readers of this blog may remember that I happily visited the Silver Lake location of “Berlin Currywurst” on its opening day two and a half years ago. Since then, the plucky sausage shop has expanded into fresh new digs in Hollywood, taking over an old BBQ joint on Cahuenga and adding on a biergarten. There really aren’t enough outdoor biergartens in this city, and so it was with high hopes that I assembled a crew of people to head to Berlin Currywurst for an afternoon of beer, sausage, and outdoorsiness.

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Grindhaus Is Closing. I’m Sad.


Sausages are the new black here in LA with Wurstküche, Berlin Currwurst, Wirsthaus, and Currywurst all jockeying for position. Sadly, the sausage wars have taken their first casualty: Grindhaus, a great, small shop that sold absolutely delicious sausages. The outfit sent out a newsletter just minutes ago announcing that the “Sausagpocalypse” had arrived. Yes, Grindhaus is closing, thanks to a bit of bad timing with investments and personal tragedy on their end.

Originally, the shop had intended to extend its brand with a food truck, but that plan mysteriously folded after about a month. According to the newsletter, the owners then tried to transition from shop to eatery, but again, that fell apart too.

And so here we are: Grindhaus has indeed come to a grinding halt. Thanks for the amazing sausages! I will always, always fondly remember the duck, chocolate, and cherry sausage. Come back soon, y’hear!

After the jump, the full Grindhaus goodbye.

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Hollywood Gets More Sausage at District 13

Image via Eater

Ever since Wurstküche burst onto the scene, Los Angeles has slowly be coming around to the sausage. Berlin Currywurst opened in February, followed by Grindhaus LA, and now on Friday we look to be getting District 13 in Hollywood, which promises “15 to 20 different links from beef to brat to lamb, plus elk, venison, and some vegan selections as well.”

Additionally, the restaurant will serve other pub fare such as burgers and sandwiches, etc., but all I care about is the sausage. If I can simply head to Hollywood instead of downtown, I’ll be very happy. Will keep you all updated.

Via Eater LA.

A Tale Of Three Sausages from Grindhaus LA


Sausage is the new black here in Los Angeles, with restaurants such as Wurstkuche and Berlin Currywurst drawing crowds (rightfully so). Joining in the fun is Grindhaus, a specialty sausage shop that opened up a few months ago in Hollywood. They don’t cook sausage, but they sell it, and after having sampled some of their venison, boar, and bratwurst sausages a few weeks ago, I quickly became a convert.

That’s why over this past weekend, when Grindhaus tweeted that they were selling some fanciful chicken-fig-balsamic-bleu-cheese sausage, my friend IndianJones and I made a special detour to the shop to get in on the action. The bad news: they were already sold out. The good news: we emerged with three other promising options. Sadly, IndianJones had to skip town before he could enjoy the sausage (and yes, I’m sure he really appreciates me using that turn of phrase), but that was okay. It meant more sausage for me.

I’m really not going to be able to get out of this post without about fifteen more inadvertent innuendos.

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