Serene Branson Talks About Her Night At The Grammys

The Serene Branson story has fascinated many of us for the past several days, and we’re all happy to learn that she did not in fact have a stroke live on the air. Today she revealed in an interview with The Early Show that she was diagnosed with a complex migraine. Scary stuff, but thankfully not as scary as it could have been. To find out the full story, check out the story above.

And if you are fascinated by this sort of stuff, check out this post about transient ischemic attacks (which was written before Serene’s official diagnosis was revealed).

Yay medicine!

CBS Reporter Serene Branson Is Fine, Possibly Possessed


Great news! KCBS Serene Branson — the one who became a worldwide trend on Twitter after she spoke gibberish live on the air — is fine! KCBS released a statement saying that paramedics checked her out, and all her vital signs were good. A friend drove her home to be on the safe side, but as far as we know, Serene did not have a stroke.

Of course, this still makes us wonder what DID actually go wrong? Brain ailment? Or just the strangest case of nerves ever?

This is important. I can’t effectively blog until I know the proper tone to take: mocking or sympathetic.

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