The Clock Finally Stops for ’24’


For the past two days, it seems all anyone can talk about is the finale of Lost, and while I respect the rabid fan base of that show, I must admit that I do not watch it and therefore have focused my attention on a different, but no less worthy series: 24. This venerable espionage thriller has more or less served as a companion piece to the turbulent 2000s, and as such, it’s sort of a shame that its grand finale has been totally overshadowed by those shenanigans over on The Island (same goes for Law & Order, whose historic twenty-season run ended Monday night too with barely a send-off from NBC).

I suppose one reason why 24 didn’t garner as much buzz leading up to its finale is because unlike Lost, it wasn’t setting out to answer a myriad of questions that had been lingering for years on end. Sure, there are definitely questions out there (where is Mandy????), but they stem more from curiosity, not a simple desire to know WHAT THE HELL IS GOING ON. Perhaps even more significant is the widespread awareness that 24 will soon head into phase II of its life as a movie franchise. Sure, we’re saying farewell to Jack, Chloe, CTU, and countless others, but there’s a comforting feeling that this isn’t goodbye, just see you later. That being said, I did get a touch emotional at the end of this final episode, and quite honestly, I don’t care what the haters have been saying about the season: the 24 finale was truly excellent, and in many ways it was one of my favorite series finales of all time. I felt utterly satisfied (save for my constant desire to see past characters incredulously resurface), and ultimately, my only complaint is that we don’t have another season to look forward to.

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