’30 Rock’ Signs Off Tonight, My Soul Dies a Little

Well, ladies and gentlemen, 30 Rock has come to an end. After tonight, we will never see an original episode ever again. Even though this final season has been uneven (I blame it all on Hazel), the show still has many moments of brilliance and is certainly funnier than most sitcoms on TV. Watching it sign off for good will not be easy for me, especially now that I’m being nostalgic and thinking back to all my favorite 30 Rock quotes and scenes.

I remember being supremely excited for the show to launch… only to be massively disappointed by its flimsy premiere. However, the series quickly found its voice, and a few episodes into its first season, 30 Rock emerged as must-see TV (even if Rachel Dratch was ultimately phased out of the show — fingers crossed for a cameo tonight). Over the years, we’ve seen Jenna transform into the most amusingly self-involved creature on network television, Jack become the crusty Republican we’ll always love, and Liz Lemon grow into something of an unlikely feminist icon… I think.

Anyway, in the video above, Tina Fey answers a few lingering questions about 30 Rock, including the big one: why did it have to end? Check it out…

VIDEO: The Brad and Jane ‘Happy Endings’ Fight We’ve Been Waiting For

Have I made my love for Happy Endings apparent enough? If not, check out this preview clip for Wednesday’s episode, which features Brad and Jane devolving into an argument — an annual tradition called the “Spring Smackdown” that signals the imminent arrival of warm weather and flower blossoms (think Groundhog Day but with fewer rodents). However, when it comes to Brad and Jane fighting, not all is as it seems…

VIDEO: Watch Schmidt from ‘New Girl’ in An Online Dating Video

The breakout star and best thing from New Girl is undoubtedly Schmidt, the boastful, metrosexual, and oddly charming douchebag played by Max Greenfield. Unlike the increasingly sour Nick, the dreary Winston, and the bitchy Cece, Schmidt is actually a likable character, particularly when his womanizing aspirations go gleefully awry. Case in point: the above video, which hails from Schmidt’s online dating profile. (Spoiler alert: it’s fake) In typical Schmidt fashion, it begins on an insincerely humble note before pandering to Hills-loving girls in the cheesiest way possible.

Via Zap2It

Which Musical Number Did You Like Best from The ‘Community’ Christmas Special?


There’s a chance that last night’s episode of Community may have been its last, and what better way to go out than by mocking shlock like Glee while simultaneously serving us up a bevy of amusing musical numbers?

After the jump, check out some of the best tunes and weigh in on which one you think reigned supreme… Continue reading

VIDEO: Save ‘Community!’ I Mean, Greendale

In case you hadn’t heard, the always unconventional Community is in real danger of being canceled. Anyone who saw last week’s brilliant foosball episode knows such an act by NBC would be nothing short of criminal.

Hopefully viewers will support the struggling sitcom, whose own problems echo the ones of the show’s fictional Greendale Community College. In the clip above, check out a fictional PSA for the beleaguered school featuring nearly the entire cast of Community (missing: Ken Jeong; in attendance: Pop POP!). Bonus points for a Dartmouth reference.

Via The Daily What

An Amahzing Story

Happy Endings is the funniest sitcom on TV at the moment, and one of its most endearing characters is that of Penny Hartz, played by SNL alum Casey Wilson. Chief among Penny’s quirks is her penchant for saying “amalzing” instead of “amazing,” a nifty bit of slang that is routinely rejected by the other characters on the show. Of course, I am an impressionable youth, and as such, I realized that I’ve started to incorporate “amalzing” into my everyday speech — first as a tribute to Penny but now because I can’t help myself.

That’s why yesterday afternoon, when I had twenty minutes to kill before meeting someone (appropriately enough at a bar called The Happy Ending), I decided that I would Like “amalzing” on Facebook. You can only imagine my surprise to learn that there was no Facebook page dedicated to “amalzing.” There was, however, a page dedicated to “amahzing,” which is apparently the more accepted spelling of the word. The “Amahzing” page, however, is dedicated to some product or line of something-or-another, and it most certainly is not affiliated with Happy Endings. Therefore, I took it upon myself to make a page for “Amalzing” for the sole purpose of being able to have “Ben likes Amalzing” on my Timeline.

Fun times. Fun, silly times.

But what a strange turn this simple story would take…

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‘Happy Endings’ Is My New Favorite Thing

People have been talking about Happy Endings for the past few months; so I decided to check it out last week to see what all the scuttlebutt was about. Turns out the sitcom, which airs on ABC after Modern Family is hilarious — as in, I laugh out loud multiple times an episode. Therefore, I have now decided to make it my mission to make you ALL watch it (full disclosure: I used to work for the EP many moons ago, but that has nothing to do with it). Anyway, check out the clip above from last night’s show, and if you like it, check out another two after the jump… Continue reading

Retro Video of the Day: ABC Promo for ‘Perfect Strangers,’ ‘Full House,’ and ‘Mr. Belvedere’

I just stumbled upon this retro clip of an ABC promo for its TGIF lineup. Not only was I filled with nostalgia, but I was left chuckling at the hokiness of it all. TV’s come a long way. Or has it?

Nevertheless, perhaps the most striking thing about the entire video is the rather racy joke at the end. Seems rather ADULT for TGIF…