THINGS I ATE: Hwe Dub Bap at A-Won; Also, Dessert at Cafe Mak

For a few years now, I’ve been hearing about the Hwe Dub Bap at A-Won Japanese Restaurant here in Los Angeles. This Korean dish, which is basically sashimi piled on top of lettuce and other veggies, has been thoroughly documented by the local media, blogs, and various Yelpers over the years. However, I’d never actually […]

BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA #52: Exposé, Super Mario, and Jason Collins!

Lisa Timmons and I recorded our latest episode of Banter with Ben and Lisa this morning, and we had a total blast. We hope it translates! Here’s the official description: Is there any other podcast that can weave together recently outed NBA star Jason Collins, Exposé, Super Mario Bros., anthropomorphic M&Ms and, of course, Sade? […]

RESTAURANTS ARE FUN: Takara and Sun Ha Jang

I’ve decided to start a new little section of the blog called “Restaurants Are Fun” (name subject to change) to document some of the random spots I go to with my friends (and sometimes enemies, but that is VERY rare). I wouldn’t say these are full on reviews per se, but they’re kind of a […]

ADVENTURES IN DOMESTICITY: Swiss Chard Tacos with Caramelized Onions and Feta + Chipotle Salsa

Well, ladies and gentlemen, here I am with my fourth Rick Bayless recipe from his book, Mexican Everyday. I suppose one of the advantages of an “everyday” cookbook is that you can truly cook from it everyday without it being a “thing.” That’s why I was more than happy to take on this double-recipe: Swiss […]


The journey through Mexican Everyday continues. Yes, I am here with my third Adventure in Domesticity in about a week’s time, and I’m continuing my journey through Rick Bayless’s aforementioned cookbook. For those keeping track at home, the results have been largely positive, save for the Pollo Pulquero dish which I evidently screwed up (and […]

ADVENTURES IN DOMESTICITY: Chickpea Sauté with Greek Yogurt Edition

Well, it’s the New Year (Chinese, at least), and I’ve been more or less keeping to my resolution to eat healthier in 2013. This has meant cutting out late night McDonald’s visits (sadness) and, well, early afternoon McDonald’s runs visits (more sadness), but not all has been lost. In the place of delicious Big Macs […]

THE QUAFF: Fresh Cocktail Hour Returns!

A horrendous thing has happened in Los Angeles: my dear friend Sly and I have ceased making cocktails. Terrible, I know. To be fair, it really isn’t my fault. Every time I invite Sly over to make a beverage, she always denies me coldly — often with some excuse such as “I’m sorry, I just […]

10 Fixes For ‘Draw Something’ That We’d Like To See

Draw Something surfaced in late February of this year, and within days it became a top seller, going so far as to reach 50 million downloads in only fifty days. It has blown up all over pop culture, causing many people to abandon their endless Words with Friends games and opt for the quicker, more […]