BANTER WITH BEN AND LISA #52: Exposé, Super Mario, and Jason Collins!

Lisa Timmons and I recorded our latest episode of Banter with Ben and Lisa this morning, and we had a total blast. We hope it translates! Here’s the official description: Is there any other podcast that can weave together recently outed NBA star Jason Collins, Exposé, Super Mario Bros., anthropomorphic M&Ms and, of course, Sade? […]

VIDEO: Super Mario Beads — Just Watch This And Thank Me Later

Some creative souls in Sweden animated a Super Mario Bros. adventure with beads, and the end result is nothing short of awesome, amazing, genius, and great. I think this may be one of the best things I’ve ever seen on YouTube. For two more shorter adventures, check out the filmmakers’ SMB playlist here. Oh, and […]

Movieline Makes The Inevitable ‘Jersey Shore’ / Super Mario Bros. Connection

I didn’t photocap Jersey Shore last week because a) I was traveling, and b) nothing really happened beyond a ridiculous argument, courtesy of Angelina. Don’t worry though. I will soon be ramping up my Jersey coverage, and in the meantime, please enjoy the wonderful parallels that my friend Louis at Movieline has drawn between the […]