SURVIVOR PHOTOCAP: Will Redemption Island Ever Be Redeemed? (No)

There have been far worse seasons of Survivor, but probably few as disappointing as Redemption Island. I say this because this latest iteration of the reality stalwart started off with such a bang, it was hard to imagine it ever settling into the doldrums. However, that’s exactly what has happened. What should have been one […]

SURVIVOR PHOTOCAP: Grab Your Balls — It’s a Crazy Episode!

This is the spring of Mark Burnett. The famed reality producer has two winners airing simultaneously: Celebrity Apprentice and Survivor: Redemption Island. Both shows are experiencing great seasons, but I’m here only to talk about the latter; so let’s get into it. This week’s episode was great. Crazy, bizarre, and full of twists and turns. […]


Survivor: Redemption Island continues to be a very strong season full of shifting social gameplay and surprising outcomes. I’m still amazed that the show can be so fresh. The same can’t be said for Phillip’s underwear, whose color has quietly faded but whose glory remains intact. Yes, we were treated to another montage of Phillip […]


Big things happened on last night’s Survivor, which has continued its run of strong episodes. Tribal Council may not have been a doozy, but the showdown at Redemption Island Arena (which is less an arena and more of a dirt-patch) was rather epic. It featured a battle between good and evil — and I’ll let […]

SURVIVOR PHOTOCAP: Hunting Down Innocent Prey

It’s only the second episode of Survivor: Redemption Island, but damn this season is white hot. Unlike Nicaragua, these players are ready to play, and in just two shows, we’ve seen scheming, blindsides, and blowups. It feels like we’ve already spent five weeks with these people; although, admittedly, there are about eight nameless faces wandering […]

SURVIVOR VIDEO RECAP: Welcome to Redemption Island

Hey everyone. I decided to change things up and try my hand at a video recap of Survivor. The goal is to cover the entire season of Survivor: Redemption in this fashion, but if it doesn’t work out, I’ll go back to good ol’ photocaps. Here’s the first one. It’s all still a work in […]