I don’t even remember what season Survivor is in now (23?), but this veteran series still has the ability to shock. Add to that the slickest production values in the genre, and it’s easy to remember why this is still one of the best reality shows around. If you haven’t watched this week’s episode, stop […]

SURVIVOR PHOTOCAP: So It’s Turned Into One of THOSE Seasons

A few weeks ago, Cochran made an epic move on Survivor: South Pacific — a move that greatly imperiled his former tribe. Sure enough, we had to watch them all go home one by one, which constituted a rather boring patch in an otherwise great season. It’s a shame, really. Cochran’s big move didn’t have […]

SURVIVOR PHOTOCAP: There’s A New Sheriff In Town

I don’t care what people say: I still like Cochran. To be fair, I haven’t gauged public opinion on the guy since last week’s epic episode that saw him jump ship to Coach’s team, but I get the sense there are probably many viewers out there who think he’s a spineless coward. I wouldn’t say […]


Survivor is one hell of a wacky show. I’m not going to spoil what happened on last night’s episode in this first paragraph, but needless to say, after twenty-two and a half seasons, this ol’ reality dinosaur still can produce a watercooler moment like none other. You gotta give credit to the franchise — it’s […]

SURVIVOR PHOTOCAP: These People Are All A Little Crazy, Huh?

Survivor! You know, after this past season of Big Brother, the three photocaps a week kind of killed me. When it was all said and done, I was pretty much burned out, especially when it came to covering CBS shows. I don’t want to bore you with the details, but obtaining the media for these […]