BANTER BLENDER #91: Talking Survivor, Amazing Race with Michelle Collins

What better way to kick off your Memorial Day Weekend than by talking about TV? Michelle Collins ( joins Ben Mandelker ( to talk about the season finales of “Survivor” and “Amazing Race.” Along the way, the two have plenty of tangents, including talks of mishaps at Target and sartorial mistakes at H&M. Definitely load this one up for when you’re stuck in traffic this weekend!

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BANTER BLENDER #90: Talking ‘Survivor’ with Rob Cesternino

This week Rob Cesternino (Rob Has A Podcast @ joins Ben Mandelker ( to talk all things “Survivor.”

The two discuss the show as a whole with Rob relaying his experiences on season 6 (Survivor: Amazon). Intertwined with this discussion is talk of the current season, Cagayan, and the various strategies on display.

For any “Survivor” or reality TV fan out there, this is definitely worth a listen!

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BANTER BLENDER #84: Online Etiquette, Survivor, and Justin Bieber

This week on “The Banter Blender,” Ronnie Karam ( joins Ben Mandelker ( again to discuss a variety of topics, starting with online etiquette. The two delve into the world of baby status updates, humble brags, and Instagram offenses, among other things.

Next the guys take on the latest season of Survivor and roll their eyes at Justin Bieber’s latest antics. Plus, details about meeting BRENCHEL (a.k.a Brendon Villegas and Rachel Reily) from Big Brother and Amazing Race. Just the usual mix of topics for The Banter Blender. Come listen!

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