The Craziest Sushi Video You’ll See Today (And It’s Not Even Sushi!)

Check out this video of candy sushi being created right before our own eyes. It’s simultaneously amazing and disgusting. I can only imagine what it tastes like. I’m thinking a mix between sweetness and cancer.

As a visual exercise though, it’s pretty awesome. Gotta love that Japanese inventiveness!

(Seriously though, this shizz is nasty)

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I WANT: Sushi Burrito at Sushiritto

Image from Thrillist

Someone — actually a friend of Malibu Judie’s, specifically — came up with the brilliant idea of rolling up a whole butt-load of sushi into a “burrito,” and I can assuredly say that I WANT IT. Unfortunately, Malibu Judie’s friend only sells these sushi burritos at Sushirrito, a new spot up in San Francisco. Now, this may sound like a shilling post, but I have never met Malibu Judie’s friend. I simply want everyone to go to Sushirrito so that it becomes popular enough to either spread down to LA or at least inspire some knock-offs.

Luckily, regional mini-chain Niko Niko Sushi does offer the Superman Burrito, which is a longstanding favorite of mine (a bunch of fish wrapped in rice and soy paper), but I yearn for something more. Something like… SUSHIRRITO.

Okay, I am clearly starving and just typing out this post because I’m in a demented state of mind. Please, Bay Area folks, help my Sushirrito dreams come to life.

Check out a nifty article about the restaurant here (thanks to IndianJones for the heads up!).

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Sushi Night In Los Angeles!


Last month, my friend Lindsey invited me to a Japanese-themed dinner party where she would be making sushi, miso soup, and various other delectable dishes, all in the spirit of fun times and soy sauce. I was immediately intrigued as Japanese cuisine has been something of a neglected area in my general attempts to learn Asian cooking (first time readers should know that I’m heartily obsessed with eating and cooking Korean food). Surely this dinner party would inspire me to explore new recipes and dishes.

Perhaps sensing my eagerness to expand my horizons, Lindsey also invited me to join her at the Mitsuwa Market, a local Japanese grocery store, where she’d be purchasing most of the ingredients for the night’s festivities. I jumped at the opportunity — both to see the store and to observe Lindsey’s process. Turns out Lindsey spends a good chunk of every year in Japan; so she’s quite well versed in the culture and food. My mission that day was to be a giant sponge. Or rather, a giant sponge in a hoodie. After all, who knows? Maybe this would be my first step in joining the ranks of Chef Masaharu Morimoto…

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