Inside The First Ever ‘Reality Rocks Expo’ in Los Angeles

Exciting news for reality TV fans. This past weekend, Los Angeles played host to the first ever Reality Rocks Expo, an event that brought reality stars, reality fans, and reality producers together for one big reality bonanza of epic proportions. The convention took place on Saturday and Sunday, and while I didn’t get a chance […]


The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business continued its aforementioned unfinished business this week as the teams continued to trek through Australia. The added twist this time, however, was that the gang had to spend an arduous portion of the leg dressed as silly kangaroos, replete with bouncy shoes. It was really just the producers’ attempt to […]

AMAZING RACE PHOTOCAP: ‘Unfinished Business’ Leaves Us With… Unfinished Business

Based on the miniscule marketing surge behind it, you might not have realized this, but The Amazing Race: Unfinished Business premiered on Sunday with eleven of our most somewhat memorable teams ever. We had some colorful faves like the cowboys (Jett and Cord) and the Harlem Globetrotters (Flight Time & Big Easy). Also returning were […]