GRAMMYS PHOTOCAP: Edgy Performances, Safe Wins

In case you didn’t hear, The GRAMMYS aired last night, and it was pretty much the same thing as every year: tons of megawatt performances, about four awards, and lots of disappointment. Once again, the old fogies ruled the day, letting pleasant but forgettable tunes like “Need You Now” win out over edgier material over […]

CBS Reporter Has Epic Flub At GRAMMYS

We’ve seen flubs on the news for years and years, but I don’t remember seeing something as bizarre as what happened to CBS 2’s Serene Branson, who seemed to lose her ability to speak English — or any language really — for no apparent reason. The reporter, who was live on the air, appeared to […]

Does Cee Lo Green Maintain A Double Standard?

Cee Lo Green is having a Grammy party tonight for his much nominated song “Fuck You,” which as we all remember focuses on a regular guy who gets snubbed by his superficial, gold-digging girl. It’s an anthem for all of us who’ve been made to feel worthless by shallow jerks, which is perhaps why the […]