‘The Roommate’ Proves To Be Darkest Episode of ‘Gossip Girl’ Yet

I’m not so into scary movies (read: I’m a pussy), but I might have to make an exception for this flick because a) it doesn’t look scary, and b) it’s Single White Female with BLAIR WALDORF. If ever there was a winning Hollywood pitch, it’s that. Let’s face it: for years Blair has threatened to go all SWF on Serena van der Woodsen, and now she finally gets a chance! Except instead of turning psycho on Blake Lively, she’ll go after Minka Kelly, which is good enough for me (especially since the ever annoying Alyson Michalka looks like she gets murdered tout de suite).

As an added bonus, the cast list features two supporting actors from Titanic: Frances Fisher and Billy Zane. To quote Ina Garten, how bad can that be?

HOLY CRAP: this could be the BAREFOOT CONTESSA OF TEEN THRILLERS. Rushing to Fandango as we speak…