QUICK HIT: Tom Brady and Gisele Bündchen Are Building A Massive Mansion


Tom and Gisele are building a new house, and it is huge. Perhaps too huge? That’s okay though. The QB deserves some luxurious indulgences after having suffered two enormous chokes at the hands of New York teams. And while he’ll never be as great as he once was, at least Tom has this sweet pad to go home to (once it’s completed). I’m sure it even comes with a quiet, dark room in which Tom can reflect on the many ways he’s disappointed superfans like IndianJones over the years.

To check out more pics of the palatial Los Angeles estate under construction, follow the link below.

Socialite Life: Holy Monstrosity Gisele & Tom!

YEA OR NEIGH: Is Tom Brady The Worst?


We are in the thick of NFL playoffs, and with an epic Jets vs. Patriots showdown just around the corner, players from both teams are mouthing off. Getting the ball rolling was Antonio Cromartie of the Jets who accused Patriots QB Tom Brady of being an “asshole.” Why? He cited Tom’s questionable sportsmanship when he appeared to taunt the Jets’ defensive line after a late-game touchdown in a New England rout of New York. In response, Tom countered that he’s been called a lot worse (something I can attest to based on my own oft-colorful language). And so the epic rivalry has heated up even more. It all begs a question: is Tom Brady an asshole? We know he’s a great player (and yes, it kills me to see that the Betus Superbowl predictions have the Pats over the Jets by a wide, wide margin), but is he a jerk too? Or is this a case of anti-Patriots sentiment clouding the perception of a stellar human being?

What do you think?

Thanks to IndianJones for the heads up.

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