MORNING WHATNOT: Gucci Mane Gets A Dumb Tattoo; Also, Tom Hanks’ Son Raps, Camille Grammer Makes Accusations, and a Frog Rides A Snake!


Crushable: Tom Hanks’ (Really Hot) Son Chet Wants To Be A Rapper (thanks to the ever informative and kindly SLY)
Socialite Life: Kelsey Grammer Likes Dressing Like A Woman According To Camille
TMZ: ‘Big Brother’ Star Pleads Guilty to Drug Ring Charge
Vulture: Bob’s Burgers Debuts Strong; The Cape, Not So Much
Reality Blurred: Breaking! Shocking! Rob Mariano and Russell Hantz returning to Survivor for “one last shot”
Diana Takes A Bite: Gettin’ Chummy with Cham Korean Bistro — and My Incompatible Dining Companion
D-Listed: ….The Hell Is This Mess?
D-Listed: Hot Slut Of The Day!
Socialite Life: Ted Williams Heading To Rehab

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