TOP CHEF PHOTOCAP: Those Bastards!

Hands down, Wednesday’s episode of Top Chef: DC was the best of the season, and perhaps the best in a few seasons. And it’s not just because of Nancy Pelosi (the secret crush of my friend IndianJones). The episode brought out all the big guns: the always crazy blindfold relay, restaurant wars, Pelosi, and even […]


I lurve Top Chef: DC, and not just because we have a fun cast full of colorful characters. I’m really digging the challenges, which seem to truly mine local DC traditions. This week, the gang had to serve up a toothpick-sized hors d’oeuvre for the Quick Fire and then a meaty power lunch for the […]


I’m having a really difficult time with this season of Top Chef. My problem is that I actually like almost all the chefs quite a bit, and I find myself irrationally sad when one gets the boot. Even worse, every episode that I assertively decide that I like a particularly person, he or she goes […]

TOP CHEF PHOTOCAP: Getting Schooled

I’m happy to report that this season of Top Chef has so far been significantly more entertaining in two episodes than all of the Las Vegas edition. The “characters” are more colorful, the interactions a bit more spicy, and the talent level more even. I am most encouraged at this early stage. Last night’s episode […]

TOP CHEF PHOTOCAP: Chef with a Capital C

Top Chef returned last week, and already, I’m optimistic for this season. Gone are all the tattooed chefs with their pompous sneers and ridiculous attempts at being badasses. Now we have a more likable group of personalities, even if a few jerks have emerged from the pack (ie. Angelo). Even more encouraging is the sense […]