WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #152: It’s Jail Time for the Apollo

It’s Bravo overload this week on Watch What Crappens. Ben Mandelker ( and Ronnie Karam ( embrace the return of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” while happily putting “New Jersey” out to pasture. In the middle of it all are “Vanderpump Rules” and “Euros of Hollywood.” Oh, and a little “Top Chef.”

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WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #150: 2014 Halloween Spook-tacular!

This week on our spooooky 150th (!!!) episode, Ronnie Karam ( and Ben Mandelker ( tackle some scary Bravo tv shows such as “Top Chef: Boston” and “Million Dollar Listing: Los Angeles.” The two also go on a significant Cooking Channel tangent (freeeeeaaaky) and dish about “Manzo’d with Children.”

Plus, lots of super gory gossip about the ladies of “Real Housewives of New Jersey.”

This is one THRILLER of a podcast you’ll want to leave the lights on for. mwahahahahhaaha.

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WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #114: Fights, Finales, Reunions, and Wesley Snipes

So much happened on Bravo this week that it’s a miracle we fit it all in on this week’s “Watch What Crappens.” We start with the “Vanderpump Rules” finale where seven of our brightest young minds convene to make articulate points about their lives and loves. Just kidding: it was basically just Kristen rolling her eyes and spewing venom.

Then it’s on to “Real Housewives of Beverly Hills” where Ronnie Karam ( and Ben Mandelker ( struggle to understand just what Lisa Vanderpump did to annoy Brandi Glanville so much.

Next we take on the Sunday brawls on “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and “Blood, Sweat, and Heels” before voicing our dissatisfaction with the “Top Chef: New Orleans” finale. Finally, things wrap up with the Shahs’ visit to Iran.

It’s a whole lot of content. Come listen!

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WATCH WHAT CRAPPENS #97: Jersey Reunion, Top Chef Premiere, and The People’s Couch

This week on “Watch What Crappens,” Ben Mandelker ( and Ronnie Karam (, tackle the ins and outs of flower etiquette on “Real Housewives of Miami.” Then it’s on to part 1 of the “New Jersey” reunion before discussing the premiere of “Top Chef: New Orleans.” Along the way, there’s plenty of gossip; plus, we weigh in on “The People’s Couch.” What we say might surprise you!

Seven Things That Are Annoying Me Today


I didn’t really know what to write about this afternoon; so I thought I’d maybe whine for a little bit since I seem to do that well, and it’s been a while since I’d bitched about anything in particular. Back in the early days of this blog when I was under a non-compete with TVgasm, I wasn’t allowed to write about TV; so I spent a good amount of blog real estate telling tales of gross people at the gym or embarrassing gaffes whilst attempting to exit a parking garage.

I don’t really have any good stories on that front, but I did realize at some point this afternoon that I have a few things that have been annoying me today, and why not air them out in public? It is the blogger way, after all. Continue reading

AND WHATNOT: Best ‘Big Brother’ Moments; Also, The Best Bartenders, The Worst New TV Show, and The Luckiest Pats Fan


Reality Blurred: Allison Grodner lists her 10 favorite Big Brother moments
Yahoo: Kingdom Tower to set a world record as the tallest new mega-skyscraper
The Daily What: Worst Landlord Ever of the Day
TV Line: The Women of Criminal Minds Celebrate: The Band Is Back Together!
LAist: Shake, Sip, Nominate: L.A. Best Bartender Competition Is Taking Names
SF Gate: S.F. gay married couple loses immigration battle (thanks Jordy)
Best Week Ever: Cat In The Hat? No. Many Cats In Many Hats.
Gawker: We’ve Already Found the Worst New Show of the Fall Season
ESPN: Chad Ochocinco to stay with a fan
Eater LA: Bravo confirmed today that Top Chef season nine is happening in Texas

VIDEO: Padma Lakshmi Gives B-Side Blog A Roast Chicken Recipe!


Yesterday, I covered a Bravo red carpet event, which meant I had my dream come true of meeting Padma Lakshmi, hostess of Top Chef. Here’s a video of me asking her about what I should bring to a pot luck later that night. I was very impressed with how quickly she thought of a recipe (compared to Curtis Stone, who as you’ll see in a later video, became a touch flustered).

Anyway, the sad news is that I was too tired to go to the potluck last night, but you can bet that when it rolls around again next week, I’m bringing this dish (and bragging about its origins all the way).

Thanks PAD!

AND WHATNOT: Happy 9/02/10 Day! Also, T.I. Gets Busted With Sizzurp, and Olivia Munn Has A Rage In Her Crotch

D-Listed: T.I. Messed Up Again (courtesy of IndianJones)
The Superficial: Olivia Munn Has An Angry Vagina?
Reality Blurred: Top Chef all-stars filming in New York, probably for a full all-star season
Movieline: Hugh Jackman Will Make You Cry in Cancer Patient’s Birthday Gift to His Wife
LAist: 8 Tips One Blogger Learned from a Recent Mugging in Hollywood

AND WHATNOT: Meet The ‘Asian Jersey Shore’ Cast! Also, Mel Gibson As Portrayed By Kittens, and Media Love For B-Side Blog

MSNBC: ‘The Hills’ fans lament end of MTV reality series (shameless self-promotion)
New York Times: Farewell to ‘The Hills,’ With a Wink and a Nod (continued shameless self-promotion)
D-Listed: Nothing Says “Hardcore Rebel” Like Macy’s
ONTD: Asian Jersey Shore in Koreatown Cast Revealed
Eater LA: Top Chef Alum Jamie Lauren Signs on To Cook at Beechwood (scallop alert!!)
Buzzfeed: The 20 Worst Mel Gibson Rant Quotes (Presented By Kittens) (thanks jash)
Curbed LA: Do Angelenos Long For “Steel Clouds” Above the 101?
Sinosoul: $9.99 AYCE KBBQ Are You Out of Your Mind: Don Day, Ktown (our next dinner destination, Tony C?)

PADMA TO GAIL: “I Know You Eat A Lot.”

When my friend Dan sent me a spartan email featuring the line “This is all you” followed by a solitary link, I had to admit: I was intrigued. Maybe I should have looked at his email subject, “Bless her heart,” because that would have tipped me off to the amazing tidbit that followed. You see, Dan had sent me a link about Gail Simmons and the nutritional woes she faced while hosting her new show, Top Chef: Just Desserts.. The headline alone had me chuckling:

“Gail Simmons’s All-Butter, All-Sugar Top Chef Diet”

Yes, it was almost as if my Padma/Gail parody dynamic had come to life. Perhaps this was truly life imitating art. To boot:

Simmons — who hosted a book party for the paperback release of Frank Bruni’s Born Round at Dumbo’s Powerhouse Arena on Wednesday — sought advice from the pro, Padma Lakshmi [about tasting all the food]. “Padma always was like, ‘Just pace yourself, Gail. I know you eat a lot, but this is [different].'”

I die. What more can I add to that?

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