We Have A TrueLemon Winner!


Just under two weeks ago, I announced a contest wherein I would give away a free supply of TrueLemon, TrueLime, or TrueOrange to the three best submitted margarita stories. The submissions have cooled off, and I’m happy to inform you that we have three winners!

In third place (TrueOrange), the winner goes to… jelliepair for a charming tale about making the perfect margarita. As for second and first place, well, they each have very lengthy stories to tell. Their award-winning sagas after the jump.

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It’s A Lemon Sweetener Giveaway!!


Everyone, I want you to just calm down. What I’m about to say will blow your mind. Thanks to the good people at TrueLemon, I am coming to you with a deal you will NEVER believe. I am giving away TrueLemon! And not just TrueLemon, but TrueLime! And TRUEORANGE!!!

What, pray tell, are these items? Well, according to the lovely Karen Ram, who just sent me the press release, True[insert citrus here] is “a healthy crystalized beverage enhancer that does wonderful things for margaritas, coronas, plain tequila, anything. True Lemon’s ingredients are 100% all-natural and really spruce up a beverage without making it unhealthy, or ‘sugaring’ down alchohol’s natural goodness.” But most importantly, it’s free!

Well, since Cinco De Mayo is mañana (look at me being all bilingual), here is the contest: the three person with the most interesting margarita story (and/or something involving tacos or other Mexican fare) will win themselves some free TrueLemon. In fact, let’s make this interesting: first place gets TrueLemon, second place gets TrueLime, and third gets TrueOrange.

Send all stories to bsideblog at gmail dotcom.

Oh, and if you want to try TrueLemon for yourself, you can get a free sample here. But it won’t be as good as what I’m giving away. I can already tell you that.