Play ‘Mad Men: The Game’ Right Now!!

Hey, remember that brilliant interactive Saved By The Bell YouTube game? Well, the geniuses behind that — the Fine Bros — are back with the equally ambitious and enjoyable Mad Men: The Game. Must I really say anything more? Go give a whirl, and don’t forget that Mad Men is finally back this Sunday. Wheeeeee!!!

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VIDEO: Check Out This Cool Zither Cover of Adele

Well, this is fun. It’s a viral video that surfaced last week of Adele’s “Rolling In The Deep,” as played on a GuZheng (or a Chinese zither). Surprisingly very cool. Just when you thought you were done with Adele covers…

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VIDEO: Sofia Vergara For The ASPCA

My friend and impressionist extraordinaire Amy Phillips is back with yet another video, this time lampooning Sofia Vergara. It’s short and sweet and made me chuckle on this fine Tuesday morning. If you like it, be sure to vote “Funny” for it on Funny or Die.

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VIDEO: McDonalds + Rice Cooker = Stoner’s Delight?

Some intrepid culinary pioneer in Japan decided that a mere Big Mac with Fries meal (with a side of McNuggets) wasn’t tasty enough on its own (ed. note — it is), and so this daring person opted to put the whole thing in a rice cooker and press go. I’m not sure I’ll be putting this on my slate of Adventures in Domesticity plans, but then again…

Via The Daily What

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VIDEO: Start Your Week off With Subway Buskers Singing “Do You Love Me”

Still trying to erase Nicki Minaj’s trainwreck of a GRAMMY performance from your memory? This video will help.

Happy Monday!

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VIDEO: Chloë Sevigny Announces Her Valentine’s Day Plans

Here’s a weird little video that won me over. It’s “Chloë Sevigny” talking about her plans for Valentine’s Day. The clip earns bonus points for working Lucy Arnaz and Skrillex into the same sentence.

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