The Great Ikea Debacle of 2011


Exciting things are happening in my apartment. Mainly, I’m rearranging the furniture, and overall it’s been a rather thrilling and empowering experience, but last night I hit a regrettable hurdle. You see, as part of my apartment makeover, I’ve wound up moving a filing cabinet from the depths of my bedroom into the living room temporarily. The original plan was to just scrap of the ol’ Ikea EFFECTIV modular unit, but once it was in its new, temporary home, I realized that it could actually be repurposed as a nifty bar. The upper shelves could house martini, wine, and shot glasses while the lower drawer could provide storage for all my booze. All I needed to do was remove the filing cabinet apparatus on the bottom and replace it with two doors that could swing open. Easy as can be, yes?

Maybe not.

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