Fighting the “Dead of Winter” with Nancy’s Fancy Gelatti & Sorbetti


It’s been a year or two since I last dusted off my handy ice cream maker, and every time I gaze at its shiny, white shell (which is admittedly not often), I grow wistful for those heady days when I would pour fatty custards into its spinning innards and find glorious ice creams and gelatos waiting for me thirty minutes later. Damn, I love ice cream.

I mean, I really love ice cream.

Of course, who doesn’t love ice cream? Lactose intolerant people, probably. Or maybe people with six-packs. For most of us though, we all scream for ice cream, which is why I was particularly excited when a large box filled with complimentary Nancy’s Fancy gelato arrived at my doorstep last week. The creation of acclaimed pastry-chef Nancy Silverton, Nancy’s Fancy promises a luxe dessert experience, but does it deliver? And is it worth the $10.99 price tag? Yes, you read that correctly: Nancy’s Fancy retails for $10.99 a pint.

To find out the answers to these pressing issues, I brought two pints — Coconut Stracciatella with Bittersweet Chocolate Strands, Frutti di Bosco – Greek Yogurt and Mixed Berries — to my friend’s house for a group tasting. This was all rather convenient as we were all assembling anyway to play the zombie board game “Dead of Winter.” Zombies + Nancy Silverton = an intriguing night to say the least.

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VIDEO: B-Side Blog Turns Zombie

My ol’ podcasting buddy Lisa Timmons is currently taking a filmmaking class, and for one of her assignments, she had to direct some manner of a chase scene. At least, that’s what she told me when asking if I would play a zombie in her pièce de résistance: Walkers. Naturally, I couldn’t resist. I always knew I was dead inside, and after a few hours of shooting this movie, I discovered I was actually undead.

Anyway, if you have four minutes to spare, watch as I haplessly chase around a pretty speed-walker, played by the lovely Gabriela Fisk.

In other news, Lisa totally treated me to lunch at Kitchen 24 afterwards. SCORE!